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Bad Reviews 07/16/2013
initially, i was really looking forward to trying this place since its so close to home. two phone calls and almost two hours later i finally had my full order (after the second delivery) when the original eta was 30-45 minutes. the free garlic bread we got was pretty good, but i wouldn't pay for it. 2.50 for two slices of bread? no thanks. the pizza didn't make up for it either. i was looking forward to the savory, deliciousness of our feta and bacon combo pizza. unfortunately, i was just surprised with lots, and i mean LOTS of salt. the crust was dry, as was the cheese, and can anyone explain why i had to actually prod my slice to find any feta? nope? me either. my advice is taking your business elsewhere, for sure. there are plenty of other places in the area in similar price points that are able to ease those hunger pains. (pizza pino is still my running favorite!) lex, ordered 1 times
Ok Reviews 04/25/2012
delivery took forever.however food was still hot. spagehti and meatballs was very good. the tirasumi excellant. minestrone soup not so good. Gabriella, ordered 59 times
Bad Reviews 04/15/2012
Delivery took forever and the food was cold Amanda, ordered 291 times
Ok Reviews 08/06/2011
Minestrone soup was terrible. The chicken on the caesar was good but the parm was grated and not fresh. Leah, ordered 73 times
Great Reviews 04/24/2011
the spagehti and meetballs could have used some more flavor, but the dinner and WINE we're delivered super fast. will repeat. David, ordered 70 times
Great Reviews 03/22/2011
Food was delicious. Delivery was prompt. No silverware or napkins provided. Danie, ordered 54 times
Ok Reviews 11/14/2010
It's preeeettty good. Preetty good. brittany, ordered 169 times
Great Reviews 10/30/2010
Excellent pene alfredo, good delivery time Andrew, ordered 491 times
Bad Reviews 09/15/2010
tried there pizza i wasnt that good compared to other places in the city...the rates posted where different from the actual price of the pizza, i wont be ordering from here any time soon again jose, ordered 34 times
Great Reviews 05/14/2010
I love this place, they have amazing food all around and there pizza is my favorite. I've ordered for delivery twice, and both times my order came within the given time range. I recommend this place to anyone one ordering pizza. clarissa, ordered 1 times
Great Reviews 02/21/2010
love love love sea cliff is the best pizza ive litterallly ever taste sierra, ordered 1 times
Ok Reviews 01/31/2010
expensive but the pizza was sooooooooooo good will by again! sierra, ordered 1 times
Bad Reviews 12/31/2009
Superfast delivery, but disappointing pizza. Pizza was soggy and oddly sweet. Okay if you want something quick and are not concerned with quality. We didn't finish the whole pizza and threw out the leftovers the next day. Cristina, ordered 1 times
Great Reviews 10/13/2009
really good food WAY WAY TOO EXPENSIVE 15 dollars pretty much for a meatless pasta dish Veronica, ordered 1 times
Bad Reviews 07/15/2009
In addition to their usual overcharging, a delivery charge *and* a gratuity already added to the bill, Piraat now has a field on their order page for specifying the tip. I chose to ignore this; and on the paper that the very unfriendly delivery man had me sign, "NO TIP -- GRATUITY NOT INCLUDED!" had been written. Leaving me to wonder whether this guy spat on my food or something. I did tip him an (additional) $2, feeling a bit extorted. I just no longer feel comfortable doing business with them. (BTW, I certainly have not ordered from them 56 times -- I have no idea where that number comes from or is supposed to mean.) Edward, ordered 86 times
Ok Reviews 04/16/2009
this place isnt great but it doesnt suck either. its an authentic pizzeria and rotisserie but since its in a touristy area its over priced. i think you could get better/more for the same price somewhere else. Miwako, ordered 12 times
Great Reviews 12/27/2008
Can be a little pricey and the portions are not exactly huge, but their dishes are flavorful. Jeevan, ordered 200 times
Bad Reviews 08/23/2008
i ordered 2/4 chicken breast and wings,they only gave me 1/4 and no wings. Also the sides and the mini slice of bread were ridiculous...Too Expensive I DonВґt Recommend this restaurant!!!!!!!!!!! Jose, ordered 1 times
Great Reviews 04/29/2008
The garlic bread is 2 pieces of bread for 2 dollars. The bread is great, but I will never get the garlic bread again unless they add another 4 pieces. Pizza is fantastic though. Jarrod, ordered 1 times
Great Reviews 11/29/2007
piraat pizza is delicious. jade, ordered 27 times
Great Reviews 09/29/2007
I been there before and i like this place, the pizza it's really good Maria, ordered 1 times
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Dang good pizza. Our first meal in San Fran did not dissapoint. Hand tossed dough, fresh toppings, very quick. Staff was all friendly and prices are... read more...
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Cheese bread is hands down the best value and great taste to go along with it! For $5 you can't beat a good, cheesy, bread! The pizza was very good as well.... read more...
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No complaints here. Happy hour is 3-6pm which was perfect for us! We got 10 cheese breadsticks as an appetizer. They came fast and hit the spot! We also got... read more...
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